Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy in the tummy

Isn't it surprising how a single phone call can make your day. Doesn't it feel great when an old friend calls you up after ages. The conversation might last all of two minutes but still, it leaves you happy in the tummy, to know that someone has remembered you and made the effort to call you up. In this day of hustle-bustle, with people who have time to check their e-mail 134 times a day but are incredibly busy when it comes to keeping in contact with friends, it does indeed seem like a miracle when someone reaches out to you.

Why am i saying all this? Well, you all must have read about the park next to home which i frequent on almost a daily basis. Last summer i befriended a thata(Grandpa). we would walk every evening for close to an hour, talking about all things under the moon - right from Karunanidhi's rowdyism, to Federer's brilliant performance, to names for his expectant grandson. I never had a real connection with either of my grandpa's - one of them passed away when i was young and another lived in a different town. So he filled in that void in my life. For a few months. And it felt nice.

Then I stopped going to the park for a while and he moved to a different locality and we lost contact. But then, he called this evening, a few minutes ago, and it was like old times again. We spoke for a short while, enquired about each other's health and families and promised to keep in touch. i don't know how long it will be before i talk to him again. But this short conversation has surely touched a chord in my heart. And i am happy in the tummy.


So now we have newspapers reporting the fall and rise of the President. Literally. Hmmm. Soon we will have headlines like "Manmohan Singh scratches his belly during Assembly", or "Laloo Farts while presenting Rail Budget" :)

Times sure have changed......