Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Her eyes were a deathly still
Her voice, unheard of
Unless it were the screams
When she saw little children
Little innocent babies they were
But she shrieked aloud - a banshee
Until you were deaf from the noise
They thought her to be insane
A poor loony whom war had made thus

But only she knew the real truth
Oh how she missed her dear baby
And how much she loved her little child
And how vividly she remembered that Night
The loud footsteps, the terrifying gunshots,
The banging on the door, the hiding-pronto,
The murmured whispers, the stifled cry
Of her baby, a little too stifling
And now she always screamed when she saw babies

------- Shilpa Krishnan

Friday, January 12, 2007


What do you do

When your heel is broken

Or your strap is off

And your sole is gone

A busy day ahead

An important meeting to attend

A mountain load of work

What do you do?

Whom do you beg

At these times of despair

For a few seconds of theirs

Beg for an act of finesse

Such finesse, they say

Or an expert opinion

At this eleventh hour

Whom do you beg?

Who has with him

Tools of every kind

Unimaginable, inexplicable

Incomprehensible and sacred

And it’s owner, worshippable

You might even want to

In his honor, build a temple

Who may He be?

Who may he be

But a lowly cobbler

Whom when you cross on the road

You carefully step aside

Barely acknowledge him

Though helped you he has

In many an hour of need


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ring in the new

Contrary to popular belief that I have attained sainthood and am in my heavenly abode, I would like to clarify that I am very much alive and kicking. So you might ask me why this loooooong absence from the blog world. Well, I f I haven’t mentioned earlier, one of my ancestors was a bear and so it was hibernation period for me.

Anyhow, not to worry, for I am back and here to stay. As happens with most people who return after a long sojourn, I underwent great dilemmas on deciding a topic to blog upon. Until a friend asked me to blog on the most obvious – New Year Resolutions.

Now New Year Resolutions (NYR’s) are the most commonly made but least kept promises. I don’t know a single person whose resolution has lasted the entire year. So I came up with this ingenious plan. That being to phase out my plan over the year and refresh it on every festival. It’s definitely easier to keep your resolution for 10-20 days by which time a festival will definitely spring up. Hopefully the plan works. So far, it has 

So here goes my list of NYR’s :

*Shed a few pounds. ( Am religiously doing Yoga everyday)
*Brush twice a day (Weird ain’t I)
*Study atleast for an hour a day (Except on Sundays and holidays(This resolution
wouldn’t be here if not for amma dearest))
*Sleep for not more than nine hours a day (I thought of makin it 8, but naah…that
would be too taxing on me)
*Talk less, smile more and laugh a lot (I can manage the last two but the first could
be a problem)
*Not spend more than 3 hours online (Now this is proving to be a real toughie)
*Read a lot of good books and watch a lot of good movies (My favourite NYR)
*And a few secret resolutions (Shhhhhh…….)

Well, that’s it from my end…I had a few whacky resolutions of some of my friends but they forbade me from putting it online. Damn them...

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a verry verry happy new year.