Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rang de basanti - The review

Yes, yes!!! I do know that almost every other Ram, Shyam and Geeta of the blogosphere have reviewed the movie. But what the heck! This is my private space and I shall bloody well write what I want to. And dear Aamir would so feel insulted if he didn’t find mention in my blog. So at least for his sake, here goes—

For starters, lemme say that nobody in their right senses would give this movie a pass. This is by far one of the best Indian movies in a long while. Yessir, even better than your “Black” and “Page 3”.

Now for the story. Don’t worry; there are no plot-spoilers ahead. Me ain’t a sadist. Anyway, as all movie stories go, we start off all fresh and happy with a bunch of bindaas college-going boys. Life’s a merry ride for them until one day a gori kudi walks into their life and spins it all around.

DJ (Aamir), Karan (Siddharth), Sukhi (Sharmaan Joshi), Aslam (Kunal Kapoor) and Ram (Atul Kulkarni) are the five Sue Meckenzie (the gori mem) chooses to act in her documentary on revolutionary freedom fighters.

To say that they play their role to perfection would be an understatement. Perfect casting. Witty dialogues. Mind-blowing songs. Beautiful locales. The Indian feel. You name it and RDB has it. Not to forget Soha Ali Khan and Madhavan. They did complete justice to their roles. As did all the senior artistes appearing in cameos.

Now, in the course of making the documentary, things happen. Things that change their outlook on life. Things that make them realize their responsibility and stand up to them.

The director has handled controversial topics with great panache and sensitivity. This is a must watch for all Indians, patriotic or otherwise. And a must watch for all you teenage gals out there. Watch out for Sharmaan Joshi. He sure will melt your heart. Mine is just a lump of molten liquid right now

So what are you waiting for dearie. Quick, get moving. And do tell me how much you loved it. Till then...

Yours colorfully(rangeeli)

Friday, January 27, 2006

10 things not to do while on a date

This post is exclusively for all those desperate single souls out there, who just don't seem to understand why they have so much difficulty in finding Mr. ya Ms.Right
So here is the list of 10 things not to do while on a date (This applies to both ladies and gentlemen)

1. Firstly, there are no hard and fast rules on what not to do while on a date. While someone might detest a particular act of yours, someone else might just adore it.

2. Therefore there is no point in my continuing this post.

3. And neither any point in you continuing to read it.

4. So why are you still reading it????

5. Didn't you get what i said? Stop reading!!

6. Cos I am just trying to waste your time.

7. But you seem to be playing into my hands.

8. Don't ya understand english?

9. Gosh! You sure are bent on wasting your precious time..

10. Jeez!! It sure is simple to make a fool out of you

Hee Hee....Do write in and tell me whether you found this list helpful.And for all ya cute guys out there, me single and ready to mingle!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

55 word story

Well, I haven't been officially tagged as yet. But having read many a 55 word stories, I came up with one of my own.

So here goes....

They had discovered the "Fountain of Youth". The whole world was elated.Everyone was celebrating. Everyone except him. This discovery meant the end of the world for him. He was mourning. There was no more reason for him to live. Indeed, this was the darkest day in his life.

He was an "Undertaker".

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Look Whos Back

Well,let me begin with how i set out on this mission to blog.

For those who don't know me well enough,I have a friend N who is slightly crazy(actually not slightly,more like totally).Anyways,for once she had a decent idea and that was to blog.The reason being that everyone she knew had become bugged of her late night messaging and she had nothing better to do than to blog.

And now, madam does not enjoy doing things by herself.And deep down her heart she knew that nobody would bother to comment on her blogs.SO she comes up with this fool-proof master plan.And that is to force me into creating a blog for myself.So atleast we can comment on each other's blogs.

Well, her ploy did work for mine is the first and only comment on her blog.And i even created my own blog(not that i didnt want to).

Anyways, thats it about my entry into blogdom.