Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happiness is... dreaming about a kermit-green watch that you used to wear every day when you were 10.

Reality is.. Waking up and realising it wasn't kermit-green but actually silver finish. And that some days, you didn't wear the watch because someone told you something which went - "I don't like being governed by time". Later, you realised it was foolish to stop wearing a watch just cos something someone said sounded so cool. SO back went the watch onto your wrist

Hunger is.. when you can hear the rumble in you stomach. Even after you just had 5 parathas. You cannot order in because they don't start delivering before 7. You go complain to a friend about the hunger and he offers you oregon seasoning from Dominoes. And you gladly accept, rip the packet apart and start licking the seasoning from your palm.

Boredom is... when you have nothing better to do, so you post random posts such as the above.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

That hand....

She looked up from her terminal. She saw a hand on the glass. Instantly, she knew it was his. She followed the movement of the hand. It slid across the glass. It tapped on the glass. A gentle tap, followed by slight drumming. She was sitting a long way away but she could almost hear the noise. It was unhurried. Just like everything else about him.

Someone called out her name and she looked away. By the time she turned back, the hand was gone.And so was he. But the sound of the drumming and the gentle tapping kept ringing in her ears. That night...And every night after that...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

fireworks in the skies

i saw fireworks today...
i had gone to the terrace with nidhi..or rather, i dragged nidhi onto the terrace..we traversed through cement and stone to reach our destination. chennai looks beautiful from the terrace.. bright neon signboards light up the skyline. Apollo hospitals has the brightest signboard. anyhow, i was just taking in the sights when suddenly i saw something to my left..i turned to see what it was..and chennai..out of the blue..
i wondered what it could be...was a baby born to rich parents who had been waiting a long while...did India win a medal in the Olympics...did something happen in the Sri Lanka test...i could have been any of these or something totally bizarre like a cracker shop catching fire..
anyhow, all i can say is that the sight greatly pleased much so i came down and told half a dozen ppl that i saw fireworks, only to get passive responses...
that made me wonder again...where has the sense of wonder gone? since when did we stop enjoying simple pleasures...since when did we stop smelling the roses...
why am i telling u all this? because i don't want u to stop smelling the roses...or the daffodils...or even those flowers that don't have a strong fragrance..jus pick them up anyway and smell them for they smell a little wild.. a smell that reminds u of the forests...
so go...go up to the terrace..and watch the fireworks light up the dark night

Saturday, August 02, 2008

First love

He was my first love. I say was not because he is no more but because our love is no more. Love, they say, is forever. I used to think so too. But i realised along the way that nothing is forever. It all comes to an end. Only the way it comes to an end differs. Sometimes it all comes crashing down in an instant. In other times, it slowly fades until there is nothing left. Ours ended the second way. I tried to fight it. So did he. Maybe we didn't try hard enough. Or maybe things were just not meant to be.

Anyway, I digress. So we fell in love. It was magical. We met through a common acquaintance whom we both never bothered to keep in touch with. It all started with the proverbial 'hey'. We lived in different worlds. He was philosophical. I was practical. He was a dreamer. I was one too. But we dreamed of different things. Somewhere along the way our dreams crossed paths. We would talk for hours together. About life, and love. About books, music and movies. About why elephants don't fly. About raindrops that carry messages. About sinful nights in dark, dense jungles. We would sing songs to each other. We would dance with each other. We would lie under the open skies, look at the stars and dream. Sometimes when he couldn't see the constellations i was seeing. We were sleeping under different skies you see. But we survived the distance. Or we thought we did.

Slowly, it all started fading away. It was so slow we hardly noticed - until it was too late. We started fighting over petty things. And then over bigger things. We got tired of each other, and of our squabbles. It wasn't a cute-little lover's tiff any more. It was just two grouchy people with differences that could never be resolved. The conversation died. We both stopped dreaming. And that's when it all ended. Almost as abruptly as it began. Boom! One day we both woke up and realised it was over. I called him up. One last time. I told him what i felt. He agreed. And that was the end.

Do I still love him? I often wonder about that. Maybe its true - love IS forever. In a sense, I'll never stop loving him. He will always be the guy of many firsts. But we both know it's over. And we both know there is nothing we can do about it. It was good while it lasted. And I savour every moment of it. Even the petty squabbles.

First love....sigh...