Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am back

After much persuasion from many dost log who claim to miss reading my blog, I have decided to post. Why was I away this long? Let's say, it was a hectic work schedule with an ample dose of indolence.

The past couple of months have been quite happening. I made two trips - all by myself. Tired of Chennai, I decided to go backpacking across Tamil Nadu. Trip one had 4 destinations - Tanjore, Srirangam, Trichy and Pudukottai.

Apart from the regular tourist attractions, I also saw a lot of goats. Of all shapes, sizes and colours. And a lot of goat-shit too. Literally.

Trip no.2 was to Chidambaram. No, not the person or the stadium but the little temple town in Cudallore district. The temple was so spell-bindingly beautiful that I spent almost 4 hours going round and round it. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photographs. But in a way, i wouldn't have taken pics even if i was allowed to. Sometimes, you get so caught up looking at things from behind the lens that you miss seeing the beauty of the actual moment.

At the temple, i was inspired to write. And i did. Sitting there with a notebook and a pink pen, i rambled on and on for five pages. I was subjected to many curious stares. Some people even came and peered into my book.

Travelling alone teaches you a lot of things, one being how important it is to spend time with yourself.

I have already begun planning my next trip. But then again, with the winds of change, you never know where you might be tomorrow.

Till then,