Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Someone actually landed on my blog after googling for "Nadal kept scratching his ass".

Friday, July 13, 2007

Why oh why

This woman has loads of guts... and they are saying she is mentally unstable...sheesh..sometimes indians disgust me. the vhp apparently wants to arrest her on grounds of public display of vulgarity. this extreme double sidedness is extremely irksome. so a man walks semi nude on the streets and people don't even raise an eyebrow, but a woman..oh my god!!! how can she...does she have no shame...no morals???

what i say is arrest salman khan first. and then talk..

a few random thoughts now

i wonder why they make such a huge fuss over nudity...and sex...is there anything wrong with either of them???

why are artists being arrested for painting gods in the nude when they do appear in the nude in all our temple sculptures. whatever happened to freedom of expression. why arrest them when there are so many other worse off criminals waiting to be punished

why is nobody commenting on my blogs???

movie reccomendation : goodfellas....its a martin scorcese movie..so i guess thats enough said

queries now...will be going to blore in a few days...so all u hostelites out there who visit my blog...any thing that i MUST take that i might have missed out on???

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So we landed a jobe with Chennaionline.
and now we are being paid to write..our dream is slowly coming true. the pay isn't much but the satisfaction is ample.

we got free passes to a play called "seeds and flowers" and we had to review it. we got to see k.balachander and several other tv artistes who were very nice to us. so here os the review
read and comment pliss.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My brother Shanky

It’s been quite a long long while that I have been thinking of blogging about my brother – truly one of the most colourful characters in my life. It was just the fact that it would turn out to be a really long post that kept me from the task. But now that I have finally managed to vanquish the demon called indolence, I shall proceed to give a semi- biography of my bhai.

Viswanath aka shankar aka shanky aka skunker aka bum aka boy aka idiot aka monkey aka……the list is quite exhaustive. On his special request, we shall stick to shanky. So shanky is a funny boy. He sings while he is shitting. And that too original compositions. Well, not exactly original. He is kinda like the Anu Mallik of the family. All his numbers are heavily inspired from other songs..and most often Bhajans.

Then, he shakes his ass to the tunes of cap-man,. Yup aap ka suroor. And he does the nasal twang really well too. He gets emotionally upset if sachin doesn’t perform well or federer loses to nadal. He loves to irritate me.

And most importantly, he is the most narcissistic person in my life. Thinks he is the John Abraham of the south. Or the george Clooney. Wait, he doesn’t know who Clooney is. So Johnny boy it is. Or naa…lets make it SRK. A die hard SRK fan he be. He has arguments with another of his friends over who is better, Hrithik or Shahrukh. He even composed an anti Hrithik song which goes something like

Hrithik roshan
Chaddi mein poshan
Mooh mein motion
Ya di da…..

And ya, lets get back to his obsession with looks. You would think I would spend more time infront of the mirror than he would. But naa. You are wrong. He spends 19 hours and 34 minutes a day in front of the mirror. He spends like Rs.967 a week on hair gels and other embellishments. He pierces his ear and tries out my ear rings. He applies Fair and Handsome. I swear he does. And worst of all, he has no girlfriend. And not a single crush till now.. sometimes it makes me wonder.

And he is bloody talented as well. He writes real good poetry as well. Here is a sample

Nature is fun
Provided there are no guns
It’s full of greenery
And it’s a wonderful scenery

When the sun rises in the day
Every man is GAY
Yada yada…….

Heh…yeah…I didn’t make up that poem. He actually wrote it.
And then what else do I say about this shanky. He obsesses with CS(counterstrike).
Here is a conversation I had with him:

Me: Oi. Don’t do C.A. if you are not interested
Him: then what should I do?
Me: do something you are passionate about
Him: I am only passionate about CS
Me: ok. Get into game designing then
Him: what does that involve?
Me: you have to design games like CS
Him: na.. I don’t want to design. I just want to play. Give me money for playing and I’ll be really happy.

Go figure!!!