Saturday, July 05, 2008

How the eff can you think of a title when you have nothing worthy to blog about

I type out words and then erase them. And then type out some more words and delete them again. This has been happening for the past 23 minutes. So I consult one of my multiple personalities who moonlights as a medical student and she diagnoses me with blogger’s block. She says it is a common ailment among my ilk and that it has no known cure. She says it stays for 30 days if treated and for a month if left untreated.

I decide to take charge and treat myself. I rack my brains for something to write about. The only thing that seems to strike me is work. But then I refrain. I have heard too many stories about people being fired for blogging about work.

So reader(s), I request you for a topic to blog on. Or else I will be forced to write on my disgustingly dear brother shanky. Yet again.