Sunday, June 17, 2007

My daddy strongest

Appa is the best...There is soo much to write about him but words seem inadequate. so i shall suffice with "i love you appa"..

p.s. for all those who don't already know, today is father's day

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enough of words..

Was walking in gopalapuram when i suddenly saw the above...hmhmhm thought they stitch salwar kurtas for houses...then read the fine print on the i am enlightened.

had gone to subway with N. and we saw this incredibly funny uniform.. pink!!!! yeah!!and for guys!!!heh

train journeys sure are interesting. especially when you have a sadhuji sitting in the same cooupe as you. why does this pic remind me of swades.. and why isn't ashutosh gowarikar making any more movies???

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tribute to a dog lover

So one of my uncle's asked me and athimber to help him out with a write up.. a note of appreciation to his dog-lover dost. me and athimber wrote two seperate pieces. and here's the result. btw, i wrote the essay keeping my athimber himself in mind cos he has an adorable doggie called labrador.extremely fat. extremely lazy.

anyhow, here is the mail. verbatim:

Here are the two entries. one is informal(shilpa’s) while the other is more formal(mine) in it’s approach. Like a good boss, I am sure you will discard both take the essence and send your note.


Loyalty runs deep in this relationship between the master and the pet. This is a relationship of unconditional love. This is a relationship in which neither of them expect anything in return. This relationship always stands the test of time and indeed reinforces in adversities. True are the bonds that only grow in strength with the passage of time. This is a relationship which is envious in the eyes of fellow human beings who sometimes wish if they could be the pet themselves. In this materialistic world, this is the strongest relationship with zero investment except your true love. Well sir, this is how I view a pet master relationship. If at all you need to modify, I am sure it will be in the upward side. None of these words can be deleted but only replaced. I met you only a month ago and I must say that I am truly impressed by your commitment and relationship with your pets. I hope our relationship will find a pedestal if not on equal terms but atleast just below what is being enjoyed by your doggy love. I am sure our bond of friendship will be true to those words expressed above.


Labrador pup: Rs. 5,000
Pedigree dog feed: Rs. 300
Imported leash: Rs.990
The happiness in my tummy when I watch you playing with your dogs: Priceless

The best things in life do come for free, though I do value my MasterCard. And one of the things that never cease to amaze me is how much you can love an animal. I am no animal-hater myself, but I find it difficult to fathom a situation where an animal might mean as much to me as it does to you. And I immensely admire you for that. There have been times I have wanted to meet you just to watch you play with your dogs, cuddle them, fondle them, fight with them, scratch their bellies, talk to them, sing to them – just be with them. The joy on the faces of these dogs is enough to keep me going for a long long while. It’s chiefly due to you that I have a renewed sense of respect for dogs. i get great pleasure out of watching their antics at work and I thank you for this escape from my mundane life. Finally, I would like to tell you that the one thing that always fills me with an inner sense of peace is when I see you on an armchair, reading a book, surrounded on all four sides by tommy, honey, ceaser and whisky.

(athimber, if u happen to use any of my lines, I am hoping for a puppy in return. Maybe not now, but definitely when I start living on my own. – shilpa.)

p.s. thats the pic of athimber and doggie chapro

lucky number 55

we just noticed that we have passed our golden jubilee...but we dont like gold much..we like oxidised gold better. and so we celebrate our 55th post as our oxidised gold jubilee. readers are requested to send oxidised gold to: 49753702630254955205629,
heaven's kitchen.

and ya...we wouldn't mind the stuff sheetal mallar wears in that ad..collection g me thinks...

I would

Rather be Jack of all trades rather than master of just one.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pathway to paradise

Sense & (In) Sensibility

Every morning as I sit down with my cup of tea and the daily newspaper, the headlines that most often stare back at me go something like “Ash-Abhi tie the knot today”, “Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty”, “Boy falls into pit – Rescue operations underway”. Meanwhile, on page 6, in microscopic print is a small article about a woman who has been brutally gang raped and paraded naked throughout her village in Maharashtra. The Abhiwarya wedding manages to sustain national attention for an entire week while the rape case is conveniently forgotten in a day.

This brings us to one of the pressing problems facing media today. Sensationalism. Tune into any of the twenty four hour news channels and all you get to see is the scene at Jalsa or Jhanvi Kapoor declaring to all and sundry that Abhishek Bachhan is her lover. In other news we have repeated telecast of the infamous Richard Gere – Shilpa Shetty kiss, which seems to have instigated protests from every corner of the country. If not that, we have live coverage of the young boy who has had the misfortune of falling into a drainage pit. The rescue operations are a reality show in themselves and last for hours at a stretch.

Media, today, also seems to have a new-found obsession with the F word – Food, Fashion and Films. Film critics haven’t had it better with each channel having a panel of it’s own to autopsy every new release. Fashion weeks are covered with great gusto and wardrobe malfunctions can transform you from a non-entity into a celebrity – as has been seen in the case of Carol Gracias. And much to the epicurean’s delight, news channels have daily programmes where famous chefs cook up exotic gastronomic delights.

The fourth estate has as its primary duty, the delivery of an impartial outlook on the current news. However, what is happening is quite to the contrary. Not only is the media being biased in its coverage, it is also sidelining important news while paying undue attention to the frivolous.

The police too seem to act hand in glove with the media. Little wonder that the security measures for the Bachhan wedding were close to Z class and the entire Mumbai police force was engaged in a hunt for the missing cell phone belonging to famous politician Vinod Khanna’s son. Meanwhile the same police refused to register complaints from rape victims and have blissfully ignored the complaints of the parents of the children who went missing in the Nithari case. Had the Noida police paid even a little heed to the laments of the poor parents, many innocent lives could have been saved.

This brings us to another lacuna in our society. Ours is a society where money speaks and when it speaks there are no deaf ears. Every tympanum is soundly tuned in and even the slightest whisper of a rustle of notes is picked up by many. No wonder the rich manage to so easily escape the clutches of the law. No wonder that the scales of justice are heavily tilted in favor of the wealthy. No wonder that justice is blind – blind to the heinous crimes that these people perpetrate on the not so fortunate. And the media too seems to turn a blind eye to all these injustices.

It was only a decade after the Jessica Lal killing that Manu Sharma was sentenced for life. It has been more than 23 years since the Bhopal gas Tragedy but the victims are still running around in bureaucratic labyrinths for the relief promised to them. It has been a few months since the Nithari killings came to light but the guilty haven’t yet been punished. Justice delayed is justice denied. And millions of Indians have been denied their birthright.

India might have gained independence in 1947, but its citizens are still under oppression – oppression by the politicians, and by the rich and the powerful. Most people have resigned themselves to their fates and have given up the will to fight. Their spirit has been sucked out of them and they are merely monotonous robots going about their lives mechanically. In the few cases that people have raised their voices against the injustice meted out to them, they have been swiftly silenced. The murders of the engineers who threw light on the Golden Quadrilateral Scam and the petrol bunk scam are known to each of us. Ours is a democracy only in title. In truth, we live in a dictatorial nation where the politicians have an army of their own to dispense justice.

It is not just the right to justice that we have been denied, but even the right to freedom of expression. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Shiv Sena think not twice before protesting on silly issues like Valentine’s Day and Rakhi Sawanth’s lack of clothes while turning a blind eye to the many other gargantuan problems that our society faces.

Murderers and terrorists are roaming free on the roads and are even being elected to the Parliament whereas innocent artists are jailed for being bold in their artistic expressions. Apathy reigns. Man has become indifferent and cynical. The good old days of camaraderie remain a thing of the past. Technology seems to have boomed in leaps and bounds but it has done little to improve the standard of living of the masses. Skyscrapers dot the skyline of cities but close by, the slums proliferate in numbers. Life is a mere existence for millions and a burden for many others. But it is not these millions that are newsworthy. It is only the champagne sporting socialites in Page 3 that are worthy of newsprint and reel.

What has become of conscience? Is there any reason to hope for a better tomorrow? Will there be justice ever? Questions are aplenty but who will answer them. The current state of affairs might even make an atheist find truth in the Hindu myth of the Kaliyuga. Is there a Kalki who will come and deliver justice? Or is the media, the Kalki that has taken the wrong path and is exacerbating the situation instead of redressing it. It is high time the media takes a reality check and starts performing its duties as it is supposed to.

p.s. this is the essay that got me through to iijnm

p.p.s. special thanks to all who read through the essay. and for all their valuable advise..lift your collar, twirl your moustache, pat your back, give urself a hug...

p.p.p.s. i always confuse between advice and advise

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stray thoughts

why do people give so much importance to respect in words.. isnt it the respect in ur heart that matters..

jus realised how cool appa is. i am blessed

bengaluru was fun. frustrating but fun. managed to shock everyone with the new avatar. used to hate our pallakad iyer weddings but not anymore.

i have officially stopped hating people. and life is a lot easier.

i have officially started orkutting majorly..mast timepass it is. and muchos fun is derived by snubbing people..

parents like to show off their lil kids...and my blog is my lil kid..and i like to show it off...

destination bengaluru. the call finally came... i have found the calling and the calling has found me too this time. after much trial and error. tried c.a., c.s, cat and lemme see..yeah, law...for various reasons.. all wrong. and finally we strike gold. nay diamonds. nay words...for they r the most precious

talking about gemstones. was talking to su who is doing her gemmology. babe can now identify the real from the fake.the fake costs 12bucks while the real runs into a couple of dozen 0's. asked her to keep a bunch of fakes for me aside.

money matters. but satisfaction matters more.

everyone is selfish. and that's the way they should be. altruism sucks.

you can never live and let live.

freedom of expression..hmm..cnn ibn community has funny insights. me finds it no wrong. me thinks do what you want as long as you are not harming me. call me a pig for all i care.and ya...u can paint the invisible pink unicorn naked too. no issues. but already is naked..hey ya...maybe you could paint it in a burqa and then i could come throw like 27 bricks on ur glass windows..cos clothing offends me. live in chennai and u'll know why.

but dont get ur hopes high... no..birthday suits are taboo. for other reasons.

blogging is destressing. as are cold showers..

i started off this post thinking of ranting for a while...turns out i had just one rant.

train trips are great bonding sessions. this one especially so. tears, laughter, yelling, consoling...all was done...

i hate mixed feelings. why cant i be just happy or just sad. there is always sorrow in my joy and joy in my sorrow. aaarrrgghhhh...makes me want to pull out my left eyeball and shove it down a cockroaches' throat. i chose left cos i am almost blind in my left...or wait.. i could pull out bush's left eye instead. must try.

neend pukar rahi hai...and i mustn't ignore

i love receiving hate mail. shows that people are jealous...

and i find anon's pretty cowardly.

i must go now.. yawning @ 2.3 yawns per second

loads to write.. so much time... and so much indolence...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crappy conversations 4

So its 3.30 in the morning...just landed at bangalore...walking on the empty and pashu were discussing today's yet to be played match.roland garros.federer vs nadal.

Pashu: Akka, i don't really want to come for the reception tonight. Must watch match.

Me: Agreed. federer or nadal?

Pashu: nadal

Me: yay..high five...

Pahu: shouldn't miss....its like clash of the.....

Me: Titans??

Pashu: no...just one titan is there...

Me: aahh yes..titan and timex...

Pashu: ahhh...u make me want to jump onto the tracks in front of that fast approaching train.

Me: then my work here is done :D

yup...i can hear u groan...but i am highly sleep deprived and i am a huge fan of pj's. slept 3 hrs in the last two days. and not because i don't have the time..too many things running in the head..i just discovered that my mind is most fertile when i am tense and insomniacal. and that i get unbearably loquacious at times like these. and that i love using fancy words.. and that i admire arrogance and pride more than humility and modesty.. and that i get philosophical at times like these..and that i might be blogging a bit too often...and that i sometimes don't know when to stop..and that it's not really that i don't know when to stop, but that i want to continue anyway...but this laptop is not my cuppa chai...gimme the desktop anyday...atleast when it comes to i shall stop..i know this post isnt well formatted...but i dunno who to i shall blame the rat in the compartment that kept scurrying about, giving me the creeps.. saw a cockroach too :D

p.s. bangalore is a welcome relief after chennai...keeping my fingers crossed...

p.p.s. i have already sold the movie rights for the book i am gonna write 23 years down the line...

p.p.p.s. i want to continue this....but as i ciao...

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Yup, i have definitely gotten addicted to blogging. there are very few addictions i have...and i am proud of all of them..going to catch a train to bangalore in a few mins. dad is yeling at me to come.. so i gotta leave. but i just wanted to say goodbye and warn you of a two day hiatus. but well, i might always find internet there. if i get bored of my cute neice that is. doubt it. but u never really know with addictions!!!!

till then...adios...

p.s. i used to hate the bangaloreans cos i thought them so wannabe...but opinions have changed.

Crappy conversations 3

So i was telling amma about i told her that he was from d.a.v. and that he was in kurukshetra now. here's hows it went

Me: so amma...this kid...avi..he's from your school only..cute guy. says i am his blog guru and all :D

Amma: oh. so what's he doing now??

Me: well. he is in kurukshetra now

Amma: Oh wow. what's he doing there

Me: he is doing his M.Sc in the causes for the mahabharatha war

amma: really???wow. that is so interesting


So yeah...she actually believed mommy can get really gullible at times. and unfortunately it's passed on to me. though i am a lot more careful.

p.s. miss archi and the pranks we used to play... distance doesnt seem to have deterred us though and we have successfully carried out a few long distance pranks as well. s will vouch for it :D

Friday, June 08, 2007

the music tag

Picked up this tag somewhere. You got to enqueue all the songs in your system onto winamp.. Activate the toggle shuffle thing and start answering the questions on your life entrusting your fate in the hands of winamp player. Was fun….here are the results..

1. How does the world see me??
main rahi bhatakne wala hoon – didn’t know I had this song. Don’t like it much. But yes, it kind of fits. Many have told me that I am highly unstable and I am a gypsy of sorts.

2. What do my friends think about me?
oasis she is love - ah, yes. Very true: D

3. What shud I do with my life?
jhoomti chali hawa . Again agree. I like to take things in my stride…go with the flow…wow. this tag is good.

4. How will I be remembered?
Justin timberlake rock your body - ouch…I knew it was too good to last too long. So now I am gonna be objectified???sheesh

5.Whats my signature dancing number?
kaho na kaho murder – is tht even dancable..though I must say highly visually appealing.

6. What song shall be played on my wedding?
lustra Scotty doesn’t know tee hee. Gotta be the funniest answer. And I am pretty sure A would agree with the choice..

7. What song shall be played on my funeral?
mere yaar mila de saathiya - ahh…apt again. Sad songs for sad occasions. Though some people might prefer happier songs with lyrics like “good riddance of bad rubbish”

8. The song 4 my frnds…
teri yaad dil se bhulane chala main – disagree. And hearing this song for the first time as well.where did all these songs come from???

9. 4 my family
aye dile awara chal – erm….

11.Song 4 ppl I don’t like!!
mitwa o mitwa lagan – hehehhe…sarcastically maybe

12.Whatz in my head during lectures?
aao naaa - ?????More like jao naaa

13.Whatz my job gonna be like??
mj stranger in moscow – egads. Why me???? But I always wanted to see the kremlin…

14.Whtz the song 4 my future mom-in-law??
Euphoria aana tu meri gulli – heh…well, if that be so guess I will be lucky.

15. Finally, some thoughts on myself..
tujhe dekha tho yeh jaana sanam ddlj – bang on!or not??? Confused!!!

So yeah, the tag was fun… and I pass it on to swat, nivi, ganesh, sanju, avi, adi, sriram,kinni and vishy. Now did I leave anyone out…sorry if I did,but do complete the tag….and yeah, for all the non bloggers, try it as well.. It’s fun. And my comments section is always at its disposal.

p.s. I hate waiting for phone calls. For the first time I sat by the phone waiting for a call. And it never came.

p.p.s. I read a funny letter today. A formal letter, an application I guess which used the word “kind” 5 times. I counted. And I cracked up. Some people!!!

p.p.p.s. went to amethyst with N and P. was fun. And surprising how perspective changes. Used to hate that place cos I when I went there 3 years ago, there were too many people inhaling nicotine and the crowd seemed too wannabe and the menu seemed over-priced. Now, the smokers still exist but I discovered they have a non-smoking section, the rates are the same but I find it affordable now. And the crowd seemed a lot less artificial today. And I spotted a gay guy: D and I had iced cappuchino and potato wedges and butterscotch milkshake… and I see drool dripping….heh

p.p.p.p.s wow, that’s 4 in a row. I am on a roll.

p.p.p.p.p.s.: couldn’t resist. This is fun.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s: ahh… I know I must stop.. But I am loving it…btw, mac d brings back nice memories.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: some kid is singing piya tose on tv. Reminds me of autooo….check out tht post if u haven’t. I could link it up, but feeling a tad lazy.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s.: got headache for the first time in a long while…..ouches….

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: I am tired of typing all the p’s

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s : I know I could cut paste…but wouldn’t that be complicating things???

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: cute kid called dhyaan had come home today. Gave him a small hershey’s choclate. He surprisingly refused. Then I got him a bigger bar of 5 star. He happily took it. Guess patience pays. Kids these days are a smart lot. And dhyaan is a nice name. Me likes.
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: amma just fed me gulab jamun. Yumm.. and she’s such a sweetheart.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: ok, I can see you all mad at me. So I shall stop.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: but wait. I had a question. How often do u want me to post???

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: oki, now I stop

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: or not

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s: oki, the fingers hurt..and interesting chat conversations in progress. Therefore its goodbye…and good luck…and buenas nuchos….thts Spanish for good night…btw, me started learning Spanish…I knew how to say fuck off in spanish but I forgot… will have to find that one soon. Have begun swearing a lot of late… phew..long post. I am drained out..adios…

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh! Save me!

Squiggling through the tiny holes
Mere seconds before death strikes
Hit me not, I cry in anguish
For he doesn’t even realize

The deadly venom in his eyes
I can’t even fathom barely,
The look of comprehension I oft desire
I can’t even perceive rarely.

Little doth he realize, that
Come have I, a message with
To deliver unto him, the Ultimate Truth
That Doomsday is NOT but a myth

Oh! But little did he listen
Said nope aye-nay, never
And thus frivolously did he seal
The world’s precious fate forever

For he would rather be buried alive
Than listen to me – a mere roach
But now that the wrath of the seas is upon him,
Do I hear him say – “Oh! Save me cockroach!”

so u guessed this is a narrative by a cockroach who tries to warn man about doomsday. as is his nature, man turns a deaf ear and perishes while only the cockroach survives the nuclear explosion.

i wrote this poem while my humble abode was under the attack of the cockroaches. i think this was the day a little roach accidentally climbed up my arm when i was chatting with a friend on yahoo messenger. the next day, the pest control was called for and they double handedly managed to exterminate the whole lot. what a holocaust it was! the death toll was as high as 243 (figures 93% accurate). this poem is one of my personal favorites. hope you enjoy it as well.

p.s. pardon the highly disgusting pic. i couldn't resist.

Elephants don't fly

How I wish I had known you when we were innocent kids – building castles in the playpen. Me building them, you trying to destroy them. Of when your troop of G.I.Joes would wage war against my barbies. Of us playing gully cricket and you bowling me out for a duck every single time. Of when you would climb the wall, precariously, to fetch the ball, then fall and come running home with bloody knees, and yet not shed a single tear while I put ice on your wounds.
How I wish I knew you in those early adolescent years when nothing seemed to make sense. How is miss those long conversations we would have had on life, the universe and everything in it. How I wish I knew you in those days when we had sleepovers on the terrace, gazing at the sky till dawn, naming imaginary constellations. And those little fights we would have had when you ran away with my hair band. How I wish you were the shoulder to cry on when I had fought with my parents. But wishes aren’t horses and elephants don’t fly(except if eagles assist them). So all I can say is that I am glad you finally entered my life and showed me what heaven on earth would be like.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A few of my favourite things

Many believe that happiness is the most elusive thing in the world. That the world is going to the dogs, and there are no reasons to be happy. That you would have to be an imbecile if you could find and relish even an iota of happiness in this mad mad world. To them I say, maybe I am that imbecile. For I face no drought of the little things that make my heart smile. Life does offer a large platter of simple pleasures – of every kind. It is just that some people try too hard to pick the best, that the rest just slip away. As for me, gluttony is my forte and I pick as many as I can. And savor each of them.

Well, here is a list of the things I picked from the platter.

Summer breezes: Imagine walking on a busy road, the sun soaring in the sky, burning your back, the vehicles honking rudely at you, asking you to get out of their way, people hurrying past you with a mountain load of worries on their head, and you fretting over whether you will reach your destination in time. And suddenly this cool breeze blows your way. It’s neither too strong that you are blown away, not too mild that you don’t even feel it. Just as gentle as a lover’s caress. Tenderly blowing your hair off your face. Making you stand still among the crowds that rush past you. Eyes closed. Secretly thanking Mother Nature for this surprise gift she suddenly decides to bestow upon you.

Solving the crossword with Appa: I still remember how in the beginning I would just get one or two clues right and that would make me dance with joy. Literally. It’s fun, sitting late into the night, ruminating over the cryptic clues, asking Chambers for some assistance, deciphering the anagrams, having appa complain about my handwriting when I fill in the clues, doodling all over the page pondering over what the right word is, making a mess of the crossword by filling in all the wrong answers, and the rare occasions of infinite joy when we successfully complete it. Ah!

Hajmola: In all sizes and shapes. The one rupee packets with 6 golis in them. Deciding how to divide the 6 among the 5 of us equally. The 50 ps ones in pink and green. All of us fighting for pink and ignoring poor green. The big bottle with almost 50 pieces in them. We bought that just once and it got over in 3 hours flat I guess. Between the 3 of us. I love the tangy aftertaste that it leaves in your mouth.

Dancing in the middle of the road: Yup, I have been certified insane. Just a few days ago I had taken the dog for a walk. And I kinda had the road to myself. Was listening to music on the phone. Don’t quite remember the song but I was quite happy just then and I broke into a little jig. And it felt sooooooo good.

Playing ad game with the boys: It’s this game bhai invented in which you have to guess which ad it is. Usually we play girls vs boys and it’s a delight. Fighting over who guessed it right first, arguing over the of points, screaming like mad… under this I would also like to include all the other lil games we play like dumbsharades and pictionary and taboo et al..

Catching up on old episodes of Friends: A lazy Sunday afternoon, you switch on the tv hoping for some mindless entertainment and there it is, that episode from season three when Chandler is stuck in an ATM vestibule and Rachel runs into Pavlov.. And you have a bowl of peanuts to munch on while you cuddle up in your sofa and laugh at their antics. Sweet joy.

Bookstores: any bookstore. Just the smell of books is alluring enough. And actually getting to sit and browse through is a satiating experience. And what with stores like oxford that have a built-in cafĂ©, that’s like combining my two favourite things – books and food. And ooo, talking about browsing through bookstores, I remember this one time C and me had bunked an exam and gone to landmark. We had three hours to kill and did we make good use of it or what. We even took a sneak peek into the illustrated version of the kamasutra but had to hurriedly put it back when an old lady started glaring at us. Tee hee.

Reading old letters: I have this big red box full of the letters I have received. Not many. Just a few. But every once in a while, I sit down to read them, and it get all lumpy in the throat.

Playing with kids: So some previous posts of mine must have already established how much I love kids. And from personal experiences you must agree with me that a child’s laughter is the sweetest sound in the world. I really enjoy playing with kids of all sizes and shapes. From babies in diapers to 7 year old brats. I love listening to the make-believe stories they tell. And watching them fight over silly things. And play all those childish games.

There are many more to this list but the little watchdog in the back of my mind is saying this post is getting a tad too long. So I shall stop at this. And wait for reader feedback. So you tell me oh esteemed reader, what are the simple things in life that give you pleasure. Go on. Spit it out.

P.S. Sorry for this delay. A few things kept me busy through the month. I solemnly swear to be more regular henceforth.