Saturday, November 29, 2008


A friend asked me yesterday what i felt about the weather.

"Dampening," I replied.

It has been raining continuously for almost a week. Cyclone Nisha has been blowing so strong that at home, i can actually hear the wind howl like an angry banshee.

Yesterday was my day off and I had not much to do. Amma has gone to Rajasthan for a wedding and the boys had gone out so there was nobody to entertain me at home. I sat in the balcony for a long while, just looking at the sheets of rain pouring down, drenching all and sundry.

It was then that i got thinking of the weather again. It was so wild, passionate and romantic. Why did i call it dampening then?

Maybe it's because this is the kind of weather you would like to share with someone. And that someone is so far away.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

He Haw

His ringtone is "Washing powder Nirma"
He eats rice with sugar
He used to drink milk from the feeding bottle even when he was 10
He wears my strawberry slippers
He even tries on my chandelier earrings sometimes
He sniffs food before he eats it
He wears baby pink t-shirts
No prizes for guessing who he is...