Sunday, December 30, 2007


to take your handkerchief/box of tissues along with you when you go to watch Taare Zameen Par. and don't by any chance miss the movie. beautiful is an understatement for it...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Platinum is it???

yup, i think it is platinum...if you are wondering why i am going on and on about the most precious metal, it is not because i want you tp propose to me with a diamond studded platinum ring.. it is because this blog can finally boast of 75 three cheers..or rather, 75 cheers...

am in the indian epress office right 2 more hours to go before i can catch the bus back home...dreary concept that, having to trudge through the bylanes of chennai...for 10 days in a row. par kya kare. life's like that only..

by chance yday when i was browsing through the indian express, i notice my name again on the editorial page. yup, 3rd article. one that i had sent a long while ago and had almost forgotten about. please to pat me on the back next time you see me for all that i have achieved in a span of two months.

woops...the boss beckons and i must rush
adieu all

Thursday, December 13, 2007

There she goes

hey all...this is another article of mine that got published in the Indian express...

Last Monday, Rajasthan House at New Delhi played host to an interesting array of persons from all races, cultures and complexions. On the one hand were men clad in green, performing genuflections at periodic intervals, holding placards reading, "Get lost Naslima". On the other, were men, women and bald-headed babies from all over Planet Earth (except of course the green nations), holding placards that read some weird gibberish. Gibberish it was because these people were predominantly from third world countries and had written the placards in their native tongue. Since languages like Azerbaijani were not popular in India, it was hard to find a translator. Moreover, their shouts and cries of protest were also in those foreign languages and so it was hard to decipher what they were trying so hard to say. However, some ingenuous Indian journalists, with the help of the Universal Sign Language, managed to crack the code. These Third World protestors were shouting, "Come home to us, Naslima".

From Armenia to Zaire and from Burkina Faso to Tajikistan, most countries had their representatives clamouring for Naslima's attention. They all wanted the same thing. They wanted her to take asylum in their nation. However, Naslima wanted to disappear to the Bermuda. But the people of Bermuda were against this as they felt that her return would result in the resurfacing of several of the "Lost". These people would apparently resurface after being unable to tolerate Naslima's pathetic attempts at literature.

On the other hand, the residents of Virgin Islands were most welcoming to Naslima. One of the college students from this nation had done a thesis on Naslima and had arrived at the conclusion that she must be a virgin. And since the island gives asylum only to virgins, the officials at Virgin Islands said they would be most honoured to have Naslima with them. Naslima declined the offer saying she was no Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile, Naslima also announced her plans to translate her work into other languages. Primary among those are Yi, Yiddish and the Gibberish languages. She said she would also consider translating her work into Afrikaans and Hungarian.

On being questioned about where she wanted to stay, she replied that she would love to stay in India. However, not many places in India were willing to accept her. Finally, Jhoomri Talayya, a village in rural India welcomed her. The owner of Ramchand Footwear factory at Jhoomri Talayya gave her the job of writing in the accounts book. Whether she writes about the interesting rituals of Muslims or whether she actually concentrates on the accounts of Ramchand Footwear remains to be seen.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm so happy

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
clap clap's cloud no. nine...and heaven no. seven...
you must be wondering why...well, all credit goes to avi. that boy has totally made my day. first in the morning we call him up to get his email id and draft this awfully long mail to him. had fun writing the mail cos it has been long since we have written long emails. and then it was the usual lazy Sunday. went back, had lunch, slept, woke up, skipped 142 times, had a bath, had tiffin and coffee and came to the lab.
and to our immense pleasure, there was a mail in my inbox. a long one too... much merriment ensued. it was a very well written reply to our email.
then, within 26.4 minutes, we received the letter avi had long ago promised to write to us... much more merriment ensued. we were delighted to say the least. we danced in the media lab and skipped and hopped and went telling all or friends about the letter. our cousin called and she was also informed about the letter...plans were cropping up in our head on making a documentary about the letter. such was the excitement in the atmosphere.
anyhow, we finally gathered our senses and sat down to read the letter. awww. it was soooooooooo beautifully written that we made a pact with ourself to cherish it till mortality strikes us. we then decided that we would blog about the whole thing cos we like blogging when we are elated...
so here's to avi and a lot of mails - both electronic and snail....

p.s. some of you not well acquainted with me must be wondering why we are using "we" instead of "I". well, we have finally decided to reveal to the world that there lie within us, 71 personalities...and right now, no.65 is in action...say hi to her...and take care safe and use condoms...belated happy aids day