Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Look Whos Back

Well,let me begin with how i set out on this mission to blog.

For those who don't know me well enough,I have a friend N who is slightly crazy(actually not slightly,more like totally).Anyways,for once she had a decent idea and that was to blog.The reason being that everyone she knew had become bugged of her late night messaging and she had nothing better to do than to blog.

And now, madam does not enjoy doing things by herself.And deep down her heart she knew that nobody would bother to comment on her blogs.SO she comes up with this fool-proof master plan.And that is to force me into creating a blog for myself.So atleast we can comment on each other's blogs.

Well, her ploy did work for mine is the first and only comment on her blog.And i even created my own blog(not that i didnt want to).

Anyways, thats it about my entry into blogdom.


Anonymous said...

Lets see if you can keep this blog updated on a daily basis. I couldn't update mine. i found it too boring.

P>S: Its blogosphere :P.


lookwhosback said...

dunno whether i can do it on a daily basis.maybe weekly.but i surely shalln't let my dear blog die away like your "serene atmosphere"

rax rocks said...

so now since my prof(.....i call this homo sapien dat way..) tol me to read it...i had to!!
anywayz lemme tell u guys...n obviously gals too...she is crazy abt books....n dont ever try to win over in english's just like a u versus god!!
but still....i guess i can manage spendin my time chattin wid her....actually taken it as a hobby of mine!! i feel dat da day is incomplete if i dont chat wid her...
not tryin to impress her or sort of....i feel its da matter whether she believes or not!!
hey right now i dont have anythin more to write abt this friend of here i end it!!

nivi said...

hey shil... u got the point here..i am feeling bugged in life so found another way to bug people.. hehehe... hooohoohooo

Shilpa said...

Nice Beginning Shilps !! :) Its was so very nice reading the bolgs.Somehow brought back our old days..donno y I feel that hmm !!
Cheers..n good luck for more.

Naveen said...

Serene Atmosphere is officially dead :). Time for Laziness Rules. Thanks for the Idea. I am sure it ll be the laziest blog ever which will be upadted on an yearly basis :).

lookwhosback said...

rax - thanks a lot dear definitely get extra marks for praising me so.

nivi- yes, babe!i did get the point.

shil- i definitely shall write about those lovely days we had in MSA

neo - welcome for the idea.and please make it twice a year