Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Random Stuff

10 years ago

I was nine. That was what- 4th standard. So that would mean I was in St.Marys in TPG, a sleepy town in Andhra. Thanks to my short – term memory, I don’t exactly remember much. Grandpa passed away that year. Had gone to Bombay for the vacation – first trip to Essel World. And that was the year my tryst with Enid Blyton began. Used to wonder why none of the elders appreciated Blyton much anymore and swore to remain loyal to her, come rain or shine. Have failed to keep my promise.

5 years ago

In Hyderabad now. Lovely place. 9th standard in NPS. School was fun. Building was even better. Spent roughly four – five hours a day playing downstairs with the other kids. Also, realized that I was visually challenged. Brother’s poonal (thread ceremony) in village in kerala. Superb vacations. Went for sailing and riding classes as well. And started serious reading – the grown up novels, that is.

Last year

Last year was eventful. Bad memories exceed the good ones though. Law classes and C.A. classes wee fun while they lasted. Best vacation ever – to the north east. shillong in particular. Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary was a visual treat.


Was ok. Got up early. At around seven. That’s very very early by my usual standards. Was niece’s choruun (first time eating solid food ceremony). Wore saree and all.. Had loads of fun. Nice sadhi chapadu. Pavi had come home in the evening. Sat in the beach for a while. Pleasant. Then decided to make chocolate milkshake for the both of us. Thanks to the mal-functioning mixer, was splattered with milkshake. Guess that’s how it feels to use the new chocolate Lux. Re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

5 yummy things

Death by chocolate
Roti with paneer butter masala
Hot hot jalebis
Cold cold pineapples
Veg biriyani (only the one rajji’s mum makes)

5 songs I know by heart

Jana gana mana
Vande mataram
Old mac-donald
Raindrops on roses
A guy is a guy

5 things I’d do if I had a lot of money

Buy landmark
Tour the world
Buy a patch of forest and build a tree-house for myself
Build a school for street-kids
Convert all the money into 1 rupee coins and swim in it like uncle scrooge

5 places I escape to

The park
The terrace
The beach
Pavi’s place
Can’t think of a fifth one

5 things I’d never wear

Bright fluorescent green
Low-rise jeans
Multi-colored robes
Accessories with skulls or dragons on them

5 favorite TV shows

Caroline in the city
The O.C.
Malgudi Days
Just for Laughs Gags

5 things I enjoy doing

Hanging out with friends
Watching movies
Nature walks
Playing with babies/kids

Favourite toys

I have none.


rax rocks said...

hey shilpa...jus try readin whatever u wrote as "Nice sadhi chapadu"........the prob i see is dat, a gult wud not understand what u, me n tams understand....k.

n surprised to hear dat u even tried ur hand in law....suits ur kind of nature...best of luck!!

.....decided not to fight wid u anymore....i'll tell u later....abt why decided to do so...

nivi said...

hey cool stuff...

really nice to see all hot hot jealbis, roti with paneer butter masala..yumm... my mouth is watering

lookwhosback said...

rax : if they didnt know wat it meant, they wuld have to ask me. is more effective when said in the native tongue.

lookwhosback said...

nivi: ya, i know even i was salivating. am gonna have veg kurma now for dinner...yumm!!!