Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paradise lost and regained

Paradise Lost: Chennai summer sets in. Intense perspiration commences.

Paradise regained: Ah! Mangoes!!!! And yup, those are the exact mangoes that i ate :) Now do i see envy in your eyes and drool dripping from your mouth :D


swathi said...

drools unlimited!!!


nivi said...

u stole my idea!:( ha ha... talk abt telepathy and we have it.. had imagined something similar to ur post only!:)

Tifossi said...

Aaaargh I am gonna kiill u Shil....Here I am stuck in dis place counting the days to get back home and u remind me of the thing that I so badly miss here....Aaah Chal only a month to go..Looks like I just have to keep lookin at that pic till then..

g-man said...

you are gonna get a good kick up the arse for that one...

lookwhosback said...

@swathi: hehehe :)

@nivi: wow...same pinch

@tifossi: awww....poor you!!!

@g-man: showing tongue