Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So we landed a jobe with Chennaionline.
and now we are being paid to write..our dream is slowly coming true. the pay isn't much but the satisfaction is ample.

we got free passes to a play called "seeds and flowers" and we had to review it. we got to see k.balachander and several other tv artistes who were very nice to us. so here os the review
read and comment pliss.


U'r fan from childhood said...

U r GOD ma'am!
...wish u luck!

Tifossi said...

Wow....Felt so cool to see ur name in a renowned(is dere a k in this word? )website..great goin...Review was good but reviews on plays contain sumthin about the actors in particular ryt?? Im nt sure bt usually dey mention the actors too and comment on their performance?? Im soo proud Shil!! Really Am!!