Sunday, December 23, 2007

Platinum is it???

yup, i think it is platinum...if you are wondering why i am going on and on about the most precious metal, it is not because i want you tp propose to me with a diamond studded platinum ring.. it is because this blog can finally boast of 75 three cheers..or rather, 75 cheers...

am in the indian epress office right 2 more hours to go before i can catch the bus back home...dreary concept that, having to trudge through the bylanes of chennai...for 10 days in a row. par kya kare. life's like that only..

by chance yday when i was browsing through the indian express, i notice my name again on the editorial page. yup, 3rd article. one that i had sent a long while ago and had almost forgotten about. please to pat me on the back next time you see me for all that i have achieved in a span of two months.

woops...the boss beckons and i must rush
adieu all


u'r fan from childhood said...

eh..'funky' platinum!


Tifossi said...
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