Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank god for small golti mercies

There is a certain joy in watching telugu movies that is inexplicable. I am in the process of watching one. Why process? That's because I hardly seem to find the time or inclination to finish watching a movie in one sitting these days. Either indolence or the rites of passage overpower me and I am forced to memorise the number of minutes i have watched so i can start watching afresh from that point the next time.
So this movie i am watching has superstar Krishna's son Mahesh Babu in it. Or must i say Mahesh? I heard from sources close to the actor that he prefers if his last name were given a miss.
Anyhow, coming back to the movie. It was allegedly a superhit back in Golti land. And i am not surprised. It's one of those predictable movies whose only saving grace is the style element added to it. Everything about the movie is stylish. Or pseudo-stylish. The entry of the hero, heroine, villian, side-kicks... Then there are the songs that are rip-offs of popular English rap numbers. The fight sequence is my favourite. Especially the part where hundreds of moustached men are on a truck waving their swords at nobody in particular.
My only regret is that Mahesh Babu has not inherited his father's dancing skills. What joy it would have been watching him dance otherwise.
Golti movies weren't much fun when i was in Golti land. They all seemed banal fare back then. It was only when i moved to Chennai that i began appreciating them. Ah... Those lazy Sunday afternoons when i would curl up on Appa's lap and the two of us would tune in to Gemini TV or Teja TV and watch an old Brahmanandam comedy. Or all the movies during the festivals that would put us in a dilemma as to which one to pick and we would end up watching bits of all of them. Or those Saturday mornings when Teja TV would play dubbings of English movies like Titanic and Independence Day. Brother and i would usually be in splits while those poor drowning men and women would shout "Kaapadandi, kaapadandi" (help, help)
Ah..Thanks god for small golti mercies


Tifossi said...
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sruthi said...

insulting tho to the golts...yet very funny...