Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miss Banana Chips

It has been over 6 months since I last blogged and much water has flown under the bridge. I have changed jobs and moved back to Chennai, made new friends and forgotten a few old ones.

But this post is not going to be about any of this. Well, wait, it is. It is going to be about one of the new friends I have made. She goes by the name Ammu Zachariah but with much love, I call her Emmu darling. If there is anyone who laughs with all their heart, it has got to be her. I was always a big sucker for beautiful smiles until I heard Emmu laugh. To see a grown-up laugh like the carefree laughter of a kid is truly amazing and rare in this mad world of today. But then again, Emmu is one of a kind.

Like our boss says, Ammu is like a jack-in-the-box. You can just stuff her into a
box and gift her to anybody who is feeling down and out. Ammu is sure to get their spirits soaring again.

Ammu and I have shared many a happy coffee moments. The moment we step out for coffee, out come the stories we haven't shared with anyone else. I tell her stuff I wouldn't dream of telling friends I am closer to. Maybe it's the fact that she is so non-judgemental that helps. And then of course come the men. We seem to share a similar taste in this arena and it is much fun when you have company to discuss these things.

So Banana Chips, this Xmas I raise a toast to you and your golden laugh...

Much love,
Your partner in crime...


Tifossi said...

wow .. wat a suprise ..its a christmas miracle..shilpa updates her blog..made no sense to me, but glad you wrote somethin..
an old reader :D

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