Monday, May 10, 2010

To new beginnings (DAY 1)

Writing a blog after a period of xx months can be a painstaking task. I have been wanting to write one for quite some time now but haven’t. Simply because I couldn’t think of anything earth-shattering enough to write on.

Often on my bus journey to office and back home (and yes, it is quite a journey, not just a ride), I would mutter to myself, “You must write today.” But it would remain just that — a random muttering.

So today, when dear Diana and I were talking about resolutions, I said out loud, “I am going to read and write every day.” Now, words once said out loud cannot be taken back. So here I am, sitting in the office at 8.36 pm, typing out the post that is to become one of many. One of many. Yes, I plan to write regularly. Wait, why don’t I write a post a day.

So let me raise a toast to new beginnings. And hopefully no quick, abrupt endings. Will those three mystery followers of this blog please raise your steel tumblers to this.

I promise to write something more coherent in my next post. Until then.

1 comment:

Namitha said...

Hail your decision, Shilps! Have been waiting for this one since long!!! My 'cheers' with you!