Friday, June 02, 2006

The last time ever i saw my hips

At the outset, let me clarify all doubts that might have risen in your minds on reading the title. Well, I can still see my hips.

Well, this is my first post for which i am writing a post based on the title instead of the others in which the title is based on the post. So here goes...

Had gone out with cousins and uncle yesterday for dinner. A place called Eden. Nice decor!!!

Anyhow, we ordered the usual starters and main course. Dinner as such was pretty uneventful. Except in the end when uncle saw that we had finished almost everything except the butter paneer dish. He asked us to finish it off, but we desisted because there was no roti to have it with. But so great was his dislike for wasting food that he served the remaining paneer to all of us. Even though he was the only one who actually ate it!!! The waiter did have a tough time maintaining a straight face when he came to clear the table, and saw 3 pieces of paneer on each of our plates :-)

Anyhow, it was time to order dessert. I quickly glanced thru the menu, past the usual milkshakes and fruit salads and double sundaes AND THEN my eyes landed on IT!!! Now, i thought, thats quite an unusual name for a dessert. Yesssir, it was called "The Last Time Ever I Saw My Hips". And did it sound delicious or what!! 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, one chocolate brownie, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, pistachios and a cherry to top it all. Aah!!!

And so i took one last loving glance at my hips, bid them a fond farewell, and dug into this delicacy, finished it in a record time of two minutes and forty seven seconds, took another glance at where my hips were last seen. And thank heavens!!!They still were there ;-)

Hence the title and hence the post...And though i didn't take a camera to the restaurant, here is a pic i got from google, that slightly resembles what i have been drooling over in this post. I reiterate, SLIGHTLY!! The actual one is about seventy six timmes yummier looking..

P.S. Talking about wierd names for dishes, pliss do check out the menu at Eatalica. the only place where you get to eat Monica Chewinnsky, Leonardo Di Chaprio, Halle Cherry, Keanu Cheese et al..


nivi said...

hey babe.. me back.. will blog regularly.. well about your article, its reallt well written..
very bad girl.. u wasting all paneer and stuff.. very bad..

well.. good job babe.. and i don think i gotta tell u this coz u always come with something nice

lookwhosback said...

lol..ok ma'm... i promise not to waste any paneer henceforth..

and thankooo

swathi said...

hey shil, the last time i ever saw my hips is somethin i luv as well.. but i try not to eat it too often considrering the fact that i frequent eden..:)

cheers & luv

lookwhosback said...

oh ya...forgot it happens to be thi's n ur favourite haunt...good luck with keeping those hips in your range of vision ;-)

nivi said...

hey di.. will post will post.. my comp giving me a lot lot lot of prob.. gettting bugged with it... really.. sorry di

Anonymous said...

hi shilpi......nice one u make my mouth water by writing abt such delicacies!!!


lookwhosback said...

nivi: y sorry n all madam??

lava: thankoo..atleast now u start eating and put on some weight oh anorexic being!!! ;-)

adityapoet said...

well this is pure evil.....these king of blogs should be banned cos it makes us miss more our chocolate ice cream....damn u....i have to go now to fetch my heaven(chocolate ice cream)

Anonymous said...

hey!! thi here,,,,
had been to eden jus yeat and guess wat i had?? u guessed it right!!!!
though it was delicious, i'll positevily say that it wasnt the last time i saw my hips....

that event happened sometime wen i was 14 or something!!! since then no lookin back!!! :-)

lookwhosback said...

aditya: did u successfully consume your heaven?

thi: ahh...atlast thy esteemed self hath taken the time out to comment on my blog. and what better post to choose than one on food..honoured am i ;-)