Friday, January 12, 2007


What do you do

When your heel is broken

Or your strap is off

And your sole is gone

A busy day ahead

An important meeting to attend

A mountain load of work

What do you do?

Whom do you beg

At these times of despair

For a few seconds of theirs

Beg for an act of finesse

Such finesse, they say

Or an expert opinion

At this eleventh hour

Whom do you beg?

Who has with him

Tools of every kind

Unimaginable, inexplicable

Incomprehensible and sacred

And it’s owner, worshippable

You might even want to

In his honor, build a temple

Who may He be?

Who may he be

But a lowly cobbler

Whom when you cross on the road

You carefully step aside

Barely acknowledge him

Though helped you he has

In many an hour of need



nivi said...

hey.. nice poem...
from now on i will say a hello to a cobbler and also those people whom i meet!?!

nivi said...

ooooo! haven thought abt all those things till now...

Hii....welcome back to the human world said...

wat do u do
when ur pen is lost
or is out of ink
a lot to be taken down
a report to be submitted
wat do u do?

who strikes ur mind
at this very moment
for a li'l bit of help
Someone who's always at ur doorstep
with a smilin 'hi'
who's this?

who's this
who accidentally
went thru ur blog
even though
u never bothered
to know about the whereabouts
who can this be?

who the hell is this
dat even copies thy style
jus replacin the words be called a poet
in his own world
though helped u was him
not once...did u get in touch!!

lookwhosback said...

@nivi: know that i have changed atleast one soul!!

@hii...welcome back to the human world: who the hell is this???????

Hii....welcome back to the human world said...

....i only hope dat u get my name rite!!

Hii....welcome back to the human world said... more thing....if not a piece of appreciation...err...for my poetry...atleast crib to watever extent u can!

lookwhosback said...

@hii...welcome back to the human world: me not risking any guesses, so no chance of me getting it wrong ;)
and though the effort at poetry was good, i dont quite appreciate plagiarism

hii....welcome back to the human world said...

hmmm...too diplomatic a woman u r!
n...even me wid u...abt the oppositon on plagiarism....par...kya kare...cud manage to make only dis.

...will tryout by self in ur next attempt....k

n regardin the guessin thingy there....sirry to not revealin it...let this go the way it is....only thing i can sal is....u know me very wel...n so do i!

nivi said...

hey shil... u have a fan out here;)! me curious to know who this is.. lol...

lookwhosback said...

@nivi: me equally curious babes, if not more!!!

swathi said...

hey shil. well, this blog of urs is turning out to b more brilliant wid every post.

carry on the show.

luv and cheers