Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i live in kumbalgudu.
and i am loving it.

Amusing classmates, remarkable faculty, inspiring associate dean, beautiful campus, noteworthy guest lecturers, breathtaking view, interesting assignments, watching movies as part of the curriculum, daily news quiz, Table tennis, flexible in-times at the hostel, scrumptious hostel food (sometimes oxymorons do exist) – that, ladies and gentlemen, is IIJNM for me. And I thought Utopia was fictional!!

so i said, i have amusing classmates who ask amusing questions in class.
like for example we had a class on international news today and this kid asks

sir, why is england part of europe when it is so far away from the rest of europe?

and then there was this other kid who asks

if i have taken international reporting as my elective, do i have to go abroad for my internship??

hmhm...all i can say is "NO Comments!"


Abbulugadu said...

hehehe ..this is pure unadulterated DP (Desperate Participation) :))

anyway nice to know U r at Utopia :) and still a pastaforian ? :P

nivi said...

he he...!!!! wat do i say???!!!! no comments!!!!

still have fun di!!!!:)

itika said...

Lolz... Well I have heard WORST ones...

remember that village trip??? someone asked an ?old trodden panchayat man...

"How many jawans are there in your village?"

trust me for the next 5 minutes i was cursing myself for not having thought about YOUNG men before her! ;)

Anonymous said...

Granted, sometimes people are clueless...but it doesnt mean people have the sole licence to be condescending. "Child" or "kid" etc... intellectualism is overrated.

Anonymous said...

Er?? the person above needs to cool down.. medidation... therapy.. possibly a visit to the shrink.. it looks like he has quite a few childhood scars..!!

The post is hilarious..!!.. i really need to know more of these dumb statements to make me feel good about myself...


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way that was me..