Thursday, August 16, 2007

nebulous universe

Chaos, love can only be created out of chaos. No love can be created out of order. This is the story about the intricate play of chaos. The mysterious ways of the universe can only be sensed by the insane. So, to follow this story you have to use the insanity that lies in you.
There is a difference between passion and illusion of passion. Both to the beholder feels the same. But passion can be realized by the insane while the later can be realized only by the sane. Every love story is a cliché. Every hate story is unique in its own way. But this story begins with a ultra cosmic word called “blog’.
I was baffled to know the truth about this mantra. I promised myself that I would try it myself. I never had any idea of what the universe had planned for a fool like me.
The journey begins when the atoms are at their lethargic best. I was passing my time by looking out into pod of boiling water. There was a man outside my door shouting an invitation to all the magicians for a local competition. I always liked to make other wizards look foolish. This was just another opportunity to show off how could I ever let it go. Now , when I think of it wish I had the power of clairvoyance.
At the competition I dazzled everyone by my MAYA. I created worlds and creatures that ever unseen by the human eye. Everyone wanted to be my friend, to know what was the secret behind my ‘magic’. Among my admirers, there was a person by the name of PROTO ( the catalyst).
Proto had no skill for magic. The only skill he possessed was making friends. Life is weird and my friend proto was weirder.
I wanted to show of all the crapy illusions on my blog.
One day ,out of nowhere I asked out of nowhere I asked proto “ hey do know anything about blog”
Proto looked at me incredulously. I knew at that moment what kind of a moron he really was. But then again the universe assigned him the role of a catalyst.
“ I know a friend who blogs”. ( first move of fate)
(( slowly, the darkness grows upon me. There is no escape. As far I can I see there is nothing but infinite darkness. There is unnamed feeling within me, which cannot be described. As if everything I ever wanted I lost in an abyss.
Slowly I start falling deeper and deeper. The pain is beyond endure. nothing can save me because I am fated to be doomed.
Day and night I feel the despair. My heart is broken by reality beyond repair. How can god be so cruel to me. Only my end will set me free. But then again you came along and made me think everything I thought about life was all wrong.)) AK


Anonymous said...

I think I will sum up my comment with the one word which everybody in the world uses irrespective of whichever languages they speak....


Felt the same when I had read the languages of elf, dwarf, ent and mordor's national language in JRR Tolkein's Trilogy...

Is it seemingly an attempt to convey something which mere mortals won't understand... or is it too much expired orange juice again or other equally good substitutes.. such as beer, whiskey and the likes??

I mean now that u have in great abundance... what William Wallace fought and died for centuries ago against the tyranny and oppression of the British Empire... have u gone cuckoo!!!

Quoting Bricktop from Snatch.. "In the words of Virgin Mary... "Come again??"..."


Anonymous said...

Sorry.. the actual Quote is the following...

Quoting Bricktop from Snatch.. "In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... "Come again??"..."


nivi said...

hmmmm.. .errr... wat do i say... haven fallen in love... may be its too far of for me to reach out there.... but good for u!!!!:)