Sunday, August 10, 2008

fireworks in the skies

i saw fireworks today...
i had gone to the terrace with nidhi..or rather, i dragged nidhi onto the terrace..we traversed through cement and stone to reach our destination. chennai looks beautiful from the terrace.. bright neon signboards light up the skyline. Apollo hospitals has the brightest signboard. anyhow, i was just taking in the sights when suddenly i saw something to my left..i turned to see what it was..and chennai..out of the blue..
i wondered what it could be...was a baby born to rich parents who had been waiting a long while...did India win a medal in the Olympics...did something happen in the Sri Lanka test...i could have been any of these or something totally bizarre like a cracker shop catching fire..
anyhow, all i can say is that the sight greatly pleased much so i came down and told half a dozen ppl that i saw fireworks, only to get passive responses...
that made me wonder again...where has the sense of wonder gone? since when did we stop enjoying simple pleasures...since when did we stop smelling the roses...
why am i telling u all this? because i don't want u to stop smelling the roses...or the daffodils...or even those flowers that don't have a strong fragrance..jus pick them up anyway and smell them for they smell a little wild.. a smell that reminds u of the forests...
so go...go up to the terrace..and watch the fireworks light up the dark night


Sanju said...

True, In the urgency of life, we neglect the small pleasures in the crave for bigger ones.

Look out... today there might be some for Abhinav Bindra.

lookwhosback said...

hmhmhm...knowing india, i suspect bindra will get a rousing firework display. A sparkler or two is the max they will do..Unlike of course in the case of cricket...

The Poet said...

..the lady sees colour,
her world doesnt!

..the lady praises every achievement,
her species doesnt!

..the lady loves life,
her life doesnt!!

don think much, its just an extraction of words from ur post!


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