Sunday, March 26, 2006

Four things

Four jobs I've had:

1. My first summer job promoting Britannia’s Malai Chaska along with Archi. Just three days of work but a whole lot of fun.
2. My second summer job promoting Acuvue Contact lens. Lasted a month. Used to sit on the steps and gossip for hours with Serena. Hardly did any work. But managed to procure a pair of contact lens for free.
3. A one month internship in ING Vysya along with Pavi. Again, very little work. Would go spend a couple of hours in the allotted cabin. the people out there were quite friendly and would entertain us by showing us all the forwards in their inbox, playing the choicest of music and offering us chai coffee at periodic intervals. We went to office only for 16days and that too, only for a couple of hours each day.
4. All the little things I do for amma in the kitchen.

Four movies I could watch over & over:

1. The LOTR series
2. The Odd Couple 2
3. Alai Payuthe/Saathiya
4. The Sound of Music

And can’t help mentioning this, but the movie I have seen the most number of times is J.Lo’s “Wedding Planner”. One movie that I love to hate but inevitably watch every time it is aired on Zee Movies.

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Chennai
2. Hyderabad
3. TPG
4. Vizag

Four places you've been on vacation:

1. Shillong and some other parts of the North east
2. Musorie, Nainital and Delhi on a school trip
3. Kerala, puthucode, my hometown to be precise
4. Pune

Four websites I visit daily

1. My two email accounts
2. My blog
3. Google
4. The other blogs on my blogroll

Four things I say quite often:

1. Mast (yup sweths, got it from u only)
2. whattu
3. Shaniyane
4. Bloody

Four Random Facts about me

1. I am an agnostic
2. I plan to kill myself when I turn 65
3. I love nature
4. I would like to become a politician someday

Four things I love most

1. family
2. friends
3. Books
4. kids

Four things that scare me most

1. cockroaches and other creepy insects
2. one of my uncle’s
3. a life without books
4. riding pillion when someone is driving real fast and rash

Four bloggers to pass it on to: 1)Swat 2)Nivi 3)Ganesh 4)Naveen


nivi said...

hey nice post.. but is it not similar to the one which u posted before????

lookwhosback said...

nivi: none of the items are repeated da

nivi said...

ya i am able to see da...