Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poetry time

Prose has become prosaic. Time for some poetry now. Well, this is one of my favourite poems. wrote it on a bus ride(29 C) through the by-lanes of Chennai. So here goes -


They smell so weird, you say
They smell so exotic, I say

They look grotesque, you say
They are the epitomes of beauty, I say

They are overbearingly affectionate, you say
They have big warm hearts, I say

They chatter incessantly, you say
They are the most interesting speakers, I say

They are dumb beyond words, you say
They are prodigies and geniuses, I say

They make much ado about nothing, you say
They live each day to the fullest, I say

They celebrate every silly occasion, you say
They celebrate the joy of living, I say

They think not twice before conversing with a stranger, you say
They are the most welcoming souls of all in this world, I say

They know not of a word called caution, you say
In god they trust and to him leave the rest, I say

They have the messiest houses of all, you say
Oh! But the most beautiful homes of all, I say

They poke their noses in everyone's business, you say
They are the most genuinely concerned of all, I say

Oh! But they are perpetually surrounded by murk, you say
Oh! But they are the lotus in the swamps, I say

Damn them, they are but brown idiotic Asians, you say
Hail them, they are the great Indian Crowds, I say

----- Shilpa Krishnan


nivi said...

awesome babe...

great... brilliant... all the second line in ur poem is jus truly indians nature..

proud to be an indian:-)

swathi said...

hey shil.. i already told u.. this is ur best poem ever

looking forward to more


lookwhosback said...

nivi: thankoo so much. even me quite proud to be an Indian.

lookwhosback said...

swathi: shall definitely post more. so watch out for a downpour of poetry (if u care to call it that)

nivi said...

hey what babe? following that stupid manasi s formula??? one reply for each and everyone s comment a?

sanju said...

Very nice and refreshing. Gives the much vaunted Indian essence to our being.

Keep writing!!!

lookwhosback said...

nivi: yup dear.

lookwhosback said...

sanju: thankoo. and i sure will continue. do post more often on your blog.

Mr. nYMphOM@nI@c said...

i write bull-shit, u say
but it matters on how u look at it, i say

i a double-faced, u say
nah..I AM WHAT I AM, i say

copied my poetic style, u say
what to do...u my guru, i say

ahh...this idiot started puttin comments once again, u say
me a NYMPHOMANIAC, i say