Thursday, March 23, 2006

The return of the poetess

Well, this was my very first poem. Entered a poetry competition back in junior college just for the heck of it. The topic was "Peace". This was my entry. Never thought i would even get a consolation. Imagine my surprise when i was adjudged First!!!!

Anyway, here goes:


All is fair in love and war
Oft I heard that said
But what is fair in war
To think of that, I dread

Children crying, innocents dying
Widows weeping, mothers sobbing
Poor little souls-all mourning
Politicians laughing, commoners suffering

War – ‘tis nothing but a mean game
Which ought to put the politicians to shame
Bloodshed – ‘tis but a waste of blood
Which results in an overflow of tears - a flood

I wish one day would come a bird
A white dove, full of love
And show the way to every man
That murder is not all that he can

--Shilpa Krishnan


nivi said...

hey babe! me first to comment... he he... awesome poem... writing such a beautiful poem that too so professionally.. awesome... born poetess... really proud of ya... and ya.... when i was reading you u will not belive it... i got goose bumps... really nice poem da.. keep up the good work

lookwhosback said...

nivi: thankooo