Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh! Save me!

Squiggling through the tiny holes
Mere seconds before death strikes
Hit me not, I cry in anguish
For he doesn’t even realize

The deadly venom in his eyes
I can’t even fathom barely,
The look of comprehension I oft desire
I can’t even perceive rarely.

Little doth he realize, that
Come have I, a message with
To deliver unto him, the Ultimate Truth
That Doomsday is NOT but a myth

Oh! But little did he listen
Said nope aye-nay, never
And thus frivolously did he seal
The world’s precious fate forever

For he would rather be buried alive
Than listen to me – a mere roach
But now that the wrath of the seas is upon him,
Do I hear him say – “Oh! Save me cockroach!”

so u guessed this is a narrative by a cockroach who tries to warn man about doomsday. as is his nature, man turns a deaf ear and perishes while only the cockroach survives the nuclear explosion.

i wrote this poem while my humble abode was under the attack of the cockroaches. i think this was the day a little roach accidentally climbed up my arm when i was chatting with a friend on yahoo messenger. the next day, the pest control was called for and they double handedly managed to exterminate the whole lot. what a holocaust it was! the death toll was as high as 243 (figures 93% accurate). this poem is one of my personal favorites. hope you enjoy it as well.

p.s. pardon the highly disgusting pic. i couldn't resist.


Tifossi said...

A post a day
kills the monotony in life.
Well dere so nw we gt a cockroach teachin man eh dats sumthn really new but a lot to thnk abt. Good pt abt da cockroach surviiving a nuclear attack.But the pic???? Shil pls post more hhappy pics dan a cockroach r a pic whch dusnt ever load..

Tifossi said...

now dis wud hav been a welcome pic since it also says Cockroach infestation and shows cockroach and man (woman in this case( i thnk !!))together.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... very good.. innovative.. never knew you could fathom the minds of roaches ...


lookwhosback said...

@tifossi: so u likes me posting regularly??nice...shall try to keep that up. and sorry about the pics that never load. u the technical guy..btw, blog involving u coming up soon.

@tifossi: hehehhe...

@N: ahh, i have been known to posses 71 personalities so i do fathom most animal's the human minds that elude me.

Anonymous said...

hey nice peom and great style. But i guess the cockaroaches aint gonna survive to even witness a nuclear annihilation of mankind with the pest control epople around :P


lookwhosback said...

@sriram: i will be forming a anti-pest control union.. u wants to join??