Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crappy conversations 3

So i was telling amma about i told her that he was from d.a.v. and that he was in kurukshetra now. here's hows it went

Me: so amma...this kid...avi..he's from your school only..cute guy. says i am his blog guru and all :D

Amma: oh. so what's he doing now??

Me: well. he is in kurukshetra now

Amma: Oh wow. what's he doing there

Me: he is doing his M.Sc in the causes for the mahabharatha war

amma: really???wow. that is so interesting


So yeah...she actually believed mommy can get really gullible at times. and unfortunately it's passed on to me. though i am a lot more careful.

p.s. miss archi and the pranks we used to play... distance doesnt seem to have deterred us though and we have successfully carried out a few long distance pranks as well. s will vouch for it :D


Tifossi said...

Oh my... thank god she didnt ask if kuruk really existd cuz thats wat most ppl ask me frst up..

lookwhosback said... might be naive...but she gets her facts right mostly :D