Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farty tales

Warning: Not to be read if food has been consumed in the past 2 hours. Possibility of inducing vommiting sensation.

So I am still at work. And i have nothing to do. So i decided to indulge in some more blogging.

Thankfully work allows u to use gmail so i keep chatting half the time.
I was just chatting with a colleague/friend who quite liked my article on the new gas. So i decided to enlighten him a little more on the fine art of farting.

Now mine is a family where the dinner time discussions usually are about post-dinner activities such as shitting and farting. My brother is quite obsessed with the two of them and my father openly encourages his interests much to my mother's distress. So this other day the bhai was narrating this particular incident during a sumptuous lunch of vethakozhambu and vazhathandu sabzi.

Now I have two bhais. the one related to me by blood is Shankar and the other is my cousin Prashanth. Shankar is the original prankster and makes life terrible for Prashanth and I. So this one day he hurriedly calls Prashanth to the loo saying that there is a big insect in the toilet. Prashanth runs behind him and lifts the seat only to find pieces of Shankar's shit floating in the pot. EEKS..That's how disgusting my brother is.

And then of course is the famous sloka (on the different types of farts) that my brother is always narrating. The sloka has been passed on from my graun aunt to my father and from him to my brother. It describes the four kinds of farts. here is how it goes:

Dam dam damarugma natham
Pee pee madyamam
Kaschi pischi maha ghoram
Nishabdam pranasankatam

I guess the sloka is quite self-explanatory. My brother has categorised each of us into one of the above four slots and he is a master of all four of them.
Enough of farty tales for now. Will keep you posted on any updates.


g-man said...

why haven't you murdered him yet? said...

why didn't u use flesh after that???????? super very different shilpa

chatty said...

Theres a similar shloka that was taught to me at fart school:

Dharam Dhuram Bhayam Naasthi

Peeyakaram Madhyamam

Nishabdam Pranasankatam.


Anonymous said...

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