Friday, November 02, 2007

Can't think of a title

I must admit it has been a long vacation. Thing is, it's pretty cold out here in Bangalore, so i went into hibernation. And no, the Sun is not out already. It's just that i got bored of the hole in the ground behind the hostel that has served as my home for the past three months. One, the hole was mighty claustrophobic. Two, a family of rats moved in next door and kept offering me Cheddar cheese everyday. Now, i couldn't say no to it as it would sound rude and consequently i have been afflicted by cheesoexcessia (Cheese overdose). Hence my decision to return to human civilization.

On my return, i found out that my blog has actually been missed. OMG!!! Deluge of tears of joy..Muchos thanks to avi, abbulgadu and itika for asking me to revive my blog. Don't worry, CPR has been administered to thee blog and revival is in progress. Attempts will be made to keep it active on a thrice-a-week basis.

Returning to life in the claustrophobic hole, i must say that life without human contact has been wonderful. With only big black ants, millipedes and centipedes to keep me company, i have had much time to think. I shall dispense the wisdom i have gained in the coming posts, so do visit regularly.

Meanwhile, hostelites have updated me with the latest happenings in the hostel. I must admit that i made nocturnal visits top the hostel to satiate my appetite for palak paneer. Anyhow, rumour has it that people are "DOING IT" in the terrace. Now don't ask me what IT is. If you are a well-educated being who has paid attention in your biology classes, you would know.

Halloween party was held. The dress code was black. Most painted their faces to resemble devils, though i would say it was a collosal waste of make-up for they look like that even otherwise.

In other news, it has been learnt that people at home are also missing me. So a visit is due this diwali. Any chennaites reading this blog, please to note that i am arriving on the 7th night by Shatabdi. Anyone who comes to the station to receive me with a garland of skulls will be duly honoured by having an entire post dedicated to them on this blog. So please to go ahead with killing 17 politicians whose heads will adorn the garland.

The clock strikes nine and it is time for your favourite blogger to depart. She would like to inform you all that she will not keep her earlier promises of blogging unless she sees prompt comments by her respected readers. so make haste.


Itika Sharma said...

Ahem ahem (waves her hand out in her 'star' wave)

Well now that u have accepted the truth (and posted it on ur blog) that i am the inspiration behind ur writing...i have to say its pleasant to see you back here! :)

Keep posting...

And hey... did all those ants and rats point to ur roomies...if yes i am SO excited to guess whos who! :P hehehe

Anonymous said...

gud gud keep blogging...SANDEEP

Anonymous said...

why dont u write the blog..on the lady..villain..of chennai..u understand right wht i mean..the girl with the two brothers..and evrything..related...hehehh sandeep

u'r fan from childhood said...

....awesome post bud!!

Tifossi said...
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