Friday, November 30, 2007


It is with much happiness that i announce the publication of my article in "The New Indian Express". And guess what. It's an article that you all must have read if you check my blog regularly enough. Yes, dear fellows, it's the previous article in the blog - Think Pink. It has come as a light piece in the editorial page. And much happiness ensues...Btw, it was on the November 29th issue. i m sorry but i couldnt find a link to that go dig up your newspaper and read it. or if u r too lazy, then read it on my blog.

Love u all

P.S. avi was sweet enough to dig out the article for here goes


Tifossi said...

neat..dats sleek really.. way to go shil ..darn i dun get indian express actually beamin wth pride cuz my frnds article on editorial way to go..hope it becomes perennial soon ..hi5 shil..

Tifossi said...
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Anonymous said...