Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ghar ek mandir

no, don't get misled by the title, i have not turned into an ekta kapoor fanatic. it's just that diwali is round the corner and the queen of this blog has decided to head home for the festival season. she will be there for four days starting tomorrow. so all ye chennaites, make due note of this in your organisers and kindly visit, after making an appointment that is. and also, please not to forget the gift, the bigger the better. good things sometimes come in large packages as well.

in other news, we have been busy with bringing out our weekly newspaper. please do go check out the soft copy of it on

till then

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Itika Sharma said...


Four days seem SOOOO long... come back not babe! :)

Diwali at college was WOW u wudnt believe if u see the pics! :)

Miss u